Coulombe and Sons Financial Mangement

COULOMBE AND SONS. A California corporation designed at act, as an exchange comprised of professional members and client members. The exchange brings together client members with accounting, Tax and financial management, investment, legal, and estate planning risk management and, retirement professional members. Within the exchange small to mid size, business can outsource the accounting and comtroller functions usually reserved to large corparations.  The exchange serves business and individuals who seek to ensure financial policies and process support overall financial objectives.

The key advantage to the exchange is the availability of integrated holistic financial management based on fundemental principles. We call these principles “”Financial Essentialism”. This approach begins the financial management process with sound math, data and facts. Assumptions are added as needed and the risks are accepted only as compensation for potential gain and only as understood. The financial world has begun to return to financial fundementals since the debacles of 2007-08. Yet the forces of irrational finance and fiscal dreaming are still with us.

We see it from government, business and the American family.

The process begins with one of our professional members and an introduction, this meeting while short offers the potential member the opportunity to meet with us and understand what we offer. Both this meeting and the next are complementry. That next step is a “data session” in which we gather both the quantitive and non-quantive data that affect your finances. Prior to this meeting, you will be provided a questionaire and a list of the documents we will require to assess your situation. The meeting, which may last one to three hours allows for discussion of your short, mid, and long-term objectives. In working with you, we articulate the vision of what you would like your finances to accomplish. What current problems are holding you back? Where are your current concerns?  This meeting allows us to confirm that working together is a good fit and the chemistry is right. 

Within a week of that second meeting if accepted we would propose a letter of engagement. In this letter, we will recommend a tailored program to your situation. Our services may be comprehensive or modular based on our agreement. Modular services are limited to a specific issue. A company wanting a retirement plan but without might wish to see a plan design specialist.  An individual might feel the need to see an attorney to discuss the difference between a will and a trust. On the other hand, a married couple might need help with a high tax burden.

Comprehensive services are available from bookeeping to Tax planning but because our professionals are members the services are coordinated towards those c ommon objectives; your objectives. Many of our professionals have thirty of forty years in practice. Others are new to their fields but learning with experienced seniors. We are all acustomed to working together with other professionals to accomplish client goals in a collegiate atmosphere.  We network with clients existing professional support as desired such as accounting, third party administors and legal to enhance and broaden their efforts.

Please take a moment to view some of our member firms and list of services. We hope to meet you and provide additional information on our utilization and capabilities.