For every situation, there is always an answer.

We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. The most concise financial reporting combined with years of planning and advisory services come together to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

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Estate Planning

Our team helps with the difficult process of Estate Planning as well as accounting and tax preparation. We also process and finalize estate and trust returns, making it easier for our clients to focus on what matters.


Good accounting is an important function with any successful business, and equally important to keep track of expenses, deductions, etc. 

We also view and advise with existing accounts.

Retirement Services

Choose the right plan for you and your loved ones with our advisory team, ranging from Individual Traditional IRA's to employer sponsored retirement contribution plans such as 401(K)s.

Financial Consulting

We want what is best for our clients, to clear debt and build savings creating a net worth and solid wealth. We offer a variety of financial products to help our clients achieve their dreams and goals.


Tax Preparation 

Our professional tax preparers are kept up-to-date with the latest tax laws and news, and
are dually certified with IRS, state, and local governments as E-file providers with both personal and corporate Tax Returns. We also amend and look at previous year's tax returns.

Don't get behind! File on time!

Investment Management

Don't invest in the wrong products. Let our team of financial experts share with you advice to avoid risk and improve stability and financial growth. We believe in placing the client first.

Business Management

Feel overwhelmed? We can help keep track of your business so you can achieve your overall objectives.

In addition to business management, we also offer certain filings required each year to run your business such as Secratery of State or City Business Licenses.


We have professional bookeeping services ranging from advice to full service. Our bookeepers are Intuit Quickbooks™ certified users. We also manage online Quickbooks™ accounts.

Risk Management

We take and evaluate financial risks together with the identification of procedures to gain financial independence and wealth, at the same time to avoid or minimize impact.

Tax Representation

For any tax problems, we provide representation to the IRS, State and local governments. 

Non Profit Services

We offer a wide variety of options for our non-profit customers ranging from annual filings to advisory services.

Real Estate Brokerage

Let our experts help you choose the right properties, whether they are for personal, business, or investment.